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[specific dynamic action] 1. description of specific dynamic action [Text only]
[reference only] 1. excellent critique of hypothesis-testing and statistical procedure Gerrodette [Text only]
Abalone [defense] 1. juveniles shelter under spine canopy of sea urchins Rogers-Bennett & Pearse [Text only]
Abalone [larva] 1. speculation on the function of torsion in gastropod development Garstang [Drawing]
Abalone [home] 1. introduction to abalones in home file for abalone part of the Odyssey [Text only]
Abalone [] 1. snail meets abalone animation [Animation]
Abalone [map] 1. snail's map with abalone highlighted [Drawing]
Abalone [classification] 1. classification of SuperOrder Vetigastropoda, including abalones and other snails
Abalone [chemical, defense] 1. introduction to chemical defenses in abalone
Abarenicola pacifica [burrow, density] 1. comments on burrow density and bioturbation effects [Photo]
Abarenicola pacifica [competitive exclusion] 1. field experiments to investigate interactions with settling spionids Pseudopolydora kempi Woodin [Graph]
Abarenicola pacifica [burrowing, density] 1. bioturbation activities of lugworms increase general health of mudflats [Photo]
Abarenicola pacifica [burrow] 1. description of burrow and its functioning Swinbanks & Murray [Photo|Drawing]
Abarenicola pacifica [burrow] 1. description of burrows and their functioning Taghorn & Green [Photo|Drawing]
Abarenicola pacifica [burrow, distribution] 1. burrow distribution is clumped, rather than being random Kruger & Woodin [Drawing]
Abarenicola pacifica [activity, behaviour] 1. recordings of activities of several burrowing invertebrates Wethey & Woodin [Graph]
Abarenicola pacifica [diet] 1. diet in San Juan Island consists of bacteria and diatoms Hobson [Drawing]
Abarenicola pacifica [diet, food quality] 1. some evidence of "gardening" by the worms with respect to their bacterial foods Hyllenberg [Photo]
Abarenicola pacifica [anoxia, physiological ecology] 1. measurements of oxygen concentration in burrows during high and low tides May [Text only]
Abarenicola pacifica [osmoconformer] 1. study on osmoregulatory abilities in Coos Bay, Oregon Oglesby [Graph]
Abarenicola pacifica [predation] 1. effects of experimental removal of tail ends to mimic predator Woodin [Graph]
Abarenicola pacifica [feeding, nutrition] 1. description of foods and feeding of lugworms Fauchald & Jumars [Drawing]
Abarenicola pacifica [gut, morphology] 1. part of a large study on gut functional morphology including 42 North American species in total Penry & Jumars [Text only]
Abarenicola spp. [burrowing, bioturbation] 1. brief description of burrowing Trueman & Ansell [Drawing]
Abarenicola spp. [bioturbation, burrowing] 1. brief description of burrowing Wells [Drawing]
Abarenicola spp. [burrow] 1. drawings of burrows Hylleberg [Photo|Drawing]
Abarenicola spp. [burrow, morphology] 1. examine burrows of these and other invertebrates from the standpoint of special construction features to resist influx of toxic hydrogen-sulphide gas Zorn et al. [Text only]
Abarenicola spp. [diet] 1. information on diets May [Drawing]
Abarenicola spp. [functional morphology, gut] 1. review of gut functions in animals from the standpoint of chemical-reactor theory 2. lugworm guts are classified as a "plugged-flow" type of reactor Penry & Jumars [Text only]
Abarenicola vagabunda [diet] 1. diet in San Juan Island consists of bacteria and diatoms Hobson [Drawing]