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  Predators & defenses
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Righting response


Defenses of asteroids include righting response, considered here, and SPINES & OSSICLES, PEDICELLARIAE, TUBE-FEET ANCHORING, ESCAPE BY CRAWLING, DISTASTEFUL CHEMICALS, MUCUS, AUTOTOMY, and CAMOUFLAGE, considered in other sections..

Righting after being overturned is an ability possessed by all asteroids. Its survival value for life in turbulent waters and/or shifting substrats is obvious, but no research appears to have been done on righting ability in relation to predation in west-coast sea stars. The first question that should be addressed is "does a sea star right itself faster in the presence of a predator?". General information on righting mechanism and behaviour can be found at: LEARNABOUT SEA STARS: TUBE FEET & LOCOMOTION: RIGHTING RESPONSE.