Learn About Moon Snails: Quiz

Explanations for answers to Olivella-borehole quiz:

  1. Most snails are drilled in a common location. Yes. The drill-holes are sited on the aperture side and on the fattest part of the shell. This location likely affords the best "grip" for the predator and ensures that the aperture area is avoided. Only one Olivella of this selection is bored on the opposite side of the shell.
  2. Some of the Olivella with incomplete drill-holes may have died of fright, or at least expired "spontaneously". Possibly, but a more likely explanation is that they have suffocated and then been eaten, as suggested in an earlier Research Study in this part of the ODYSSEY.
  3. Some Olivella may have been killed by toxin. Possibly. The ones in question are at the left end of each of the bottom 2 rows. Holes have been drilled, but appear to be of a size too tiny to allow entrance of the predator's proboscis. Alternatively, the prey may have died by suffocation.
  4. The holes are large and countersunk, suggesting a moon-snail predator. Yes, of course. This is why they are included in this section of the ODYSSEY...