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Many individuals have contributed to the ODYSSEY, and I thank them for their enthusiasm and generosity.

Special thanks to those who contributed photographs: Mary Jo Adams, Richard Ambrose, Roland Anderson, Susannah
Anderson, Bill Austin, Clinton Bauder, Raymond Bauer, Mike Behrens, Elizabeth Boulding, Eric Broberg, Peter Bryant, John Butler, Nate Charbonneau, A. Chernyshev, Jan Cocian, Phillip Colla, Kim Conway, Gerald & Buff Corsi, Dave Cowles, Sabine Daume, Ko Bum Dong, Deb Donovan, Joseph Dougherty, Renate Eberl, Helge Fabritius, Peter Fankboner, Lisbeth Francis, Jeff Goddard, John Gosline, Louis Gosselin, Chris Gunn, Bernie Hanby, Roger Hanlon, Chris Harley, Brian Hartwick, M. Hastings, Mike Hawkes, Brian Hentschel, Todd Huspeni, Angus Jackson, Mike Judge, Roy Kaustov, Carl Kenyon, Jan Kocian, Rebecca Kordas, Patrick Krug, Phil Lambert, Chris Lobban, Lovell & Libby Langstroth, Kevin Lee, Dan Leus, Sally Leys, Mel Lin, Ron Long, Russ Markel, Andre Martel, Gary McDonald, Iain McGaw, Orin McMonigle, Sandra Millen, Amy Moran, NOAA Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, Janna Nichols, Josie Osborne, Louise Page, Steve Pennings, Antan Phillips, Tim Rawlings, Laura Richards, Shawn Robinson, Pam Roe, Don Ross, Bill Rudman, Krystal Rypien, Rafe Sagarin, Anders Salesjo, Dirk Schories, Linda Schroeder, Charles Seaborn, Jeff Shimeta, Randy Shuman, John Snow, Jackie Sones, J. Stillwell, Erling Svensen, Ingrid Taylar, Max Taylor, Fred Uglow, Peter van Bragt, James Watanabe, Charley Waters, Bruce Wight, Jason Williams, Ron Wolf, Owen Woodward, Art Woods, Jonathan Wright, Russ Wyeth, Paul Young, Andreas Ziegler, and Dave Zitten. Additionally, I owe thanks to many researchers from whose publications I "liberated" photos directly.

Special thanks to those who contributed video: James Constable, Louis Gosselin, Mike Hart, Roger Longley, James Mortimer, Cindy Young, and Russ Wyeth.

It's never too late to add photos and video. Submissions will be gratefully received at any time.

The invertebrate "voices" are those of friends and family: Mary Batut, Jackie Campbell, Denise Carefoot, Virginia Gillespie, Christine Hackman, Paul Healy, Susan Johnston, Carol Lalli, Sabrina MacLean, Errol McKinstry, Laura Moody, Sarah Ng, Victoria Oginski, Kim Petchet, Richard Savage, Joan Sharp, Tyrell Smith, Penny Timms, and Colette/Allison/Rachel Wood. I thank everyone for their willingness to contribute to the "silly" part of the ODYSSEY.

I especially thank Cindy Young, an expert in multimedia software and website development, for much useful advice on website creation and for providing many illustrations and 3-D video (excerpted from an educational CD called Invertebrate Zoology Multimedia Laboratory Assistant).

I am greatly indebted to my wife Elizabeth, an artist and Photoshop specialist, for many hundreds of graphs, illustrations, and drawings for animations and throughout, for her helpful advice on design and layout, and for her enthusiastic support during all phases of production. She is also the voice of the snail.

- Tom Carefoot