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I am a retired faculty member at the University of British Columbia, Canada. My research has been in the field of marine biology, with focus on a unique group of marine snails known as sea hares (Aplysia) and semi-terrestrial isopod crustaceans (Ligia). I am well-versed on invertebrate marine life, most notably on the west coast of North America, but also throughout the Caribbean and other tropical marine areas. I taught courses at UBC on invertebrates for 35 years and enjoyed every minute of it. A few years before retiring I was awarded the University's Master Teacher Award. I enjoy sports, these days focussing on golf, snorkelling, and cycling. I have written 2 books on marine ecology, authored 90 research papers, and recently produced an interactive, educational multimedia DVD-ROM on the Biology of Caribbean Coral Reefs. For almost 40 years I SCUBA-dived in British Columbia and on tropical reefs throughout the world. It is these experiences and interests, coupled with my large collection of underwater photos and videos, that motivated me to produce A SNAIL'S ODYSSEY.

A SNAIL'S ODYSSEY is a way for me to communicate my knowledge and interest in marine invertebrates, make available photo and video resources to the people at large, and have some fun along the way. It's really become a full-time hobby.

- Tom Carefoot

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