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Explanations for answers to polyp-medusa genotype quiz:

Polyp and medusa forms reproduce, respectively, asexually and sexually; hence, have different genotypes.  This is the false statement.  The medusa derives from a reproductive polyp which ultimately derives from the colony of feeding polyps.  The two forms differ only in their different expression of certain genes within their identical genotypes.  The feeding polyps, reproductive polyps, and medusae are known as polymorphs (lit. “many forms” G.) because of the different shapes and functions expressed.  More familiar examples of polymorphisms occur in honeybees and termites.  Queen bees and worker bees, for example, differ only in that the former are fed a special diet of “royal jelly”. Any worker at hatching can become a queen with the right sort of food.

All polyps and medusae produced from a single colony are the same sex.  You should NOT have selected this statement, as it is true.

All polyps, including feeding and reproductive, are genetically identical clones.  You should NOT have selected this statement, as it is true.

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