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Explanations for answers to claw-damage quiz:

Moult interval is shortened.  Yes. Depending upon species, this may be as much as 40%. A faster moult may be initiated by the need to replace the broken or lost limb. 

Growth increment is less.  The quicker the moult, the less will be the overall growth. A shorter interval between moults may reduce growth by 50%.

Fighting ability is lessened.  Both intraspecific aggression and general ability to defend against predatory attacks are decreased.

The male's ability to hold a female during copulation is impeded.  Yes, but while the male normally uses both claws for this, it may be able to get by with use of a single claw and walking legs.

An injured male is less attractive to a female.  Yes. A female may be reticent to mate with a male that she perceives as being odd or unusual.

Feeding is completely curtailed.  No. If just a single claw is broken, the crab may still be able to use the other one to crush its prey. Additonally, the maxillipeds are quite adept at collecting and sorting food matter of a softer variety.

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